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Formagroup is a full service public affairs firm that offers an integrated approach to your political, governmental and public affairs issues.

We hear what others don’t. Our unique background and experience allows us to access a network of community leaders, elected officials and special constituencies for the benefit of our clients.   While most lobby efforts end with communicating solely with elected officials or staff, our grassroots approach often allow us to delve much deeper into an issue.
One size does not fit all. We research our message and determine the best medium to reach your target audience, be it bilingual information, strong visuals or any number of other nuances.  Political campaigns require intensive and ongoing client collaboration, and we aggressively communicate with our clients every step of the way of the public outreach process to ensure positive results.
Deep knowledge of public policy issues. Our governmental affairs efforts provide us intimate knowledge of a variety of public policy issues and projects.  We understand the genesis behind many of the public policy decisions made by elected officials because our client needs often dictate an understanding of complex public policy issues.
Rapid response. Our team of seasoned professionals are used to performing under tight deadlines while adhering to complex legal and regulatory guidelines.  Simply stated, we work well and often under pressure and deliver results. Our research yields valuable information on the best approach for a positive response to particular constituencies and we can often mitigate issues before they become problems.