Elected in 2009, Marisa Marquez is a four term state representative. Marquez won her first election as a challenger to the longest serving Mexican-American elected official in the United States. Her subsequent three wins all had increasing margins. Marquez brings direct, experienced and effective approaches to our diverse client base.

Marquez received her first leadership role in her 2nd term as Vice-Chair of the House Committee on County Affairs where she enacted landmark legislation on statewide building standards and passed the first county ethics commission. Throughout her legislative career she also served as Vice Chair of House Committees on Environmental Regulation and House Administration. In her final two terms, Marquez served on the powerful House Appropriations Committee securing millions of state dollars for her community. Both terms, she was the only Hispanic female to serve on the House committee.

At Forma, Marquez heads Client Acquisition and Development. Her unique experience of campaign, policy and leadership give our clients insight to working with elected officials. Her tenure as a member of the Speaker’s leadership team in the Texas House provide valuable insight to strategy and positive outcomes in any governmental entity. Her direct involvement with the voter provides Forma with invaluable information on persuasive and influential messaging.

Marquez is a native El Pasoan and has a degree in Finance and Business Economics from the University of Notre Dame. Her tenure focused on school board transparency, higher education funding and criminal and juvenile justice reforms.

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